Campaign manager

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Campaign manager

How you explain the job to your friends

“With my smoothly running campaign I am adding audience-specific value and squeezing every floating chance to get a better result.”

What you really be doing:

  • 20% - Develop a new campaign strategy
  • 50% - Implement the campaign
  • 20% - Consult the results with your client and optimize your campaign
  • 10% - Training to keep your knowledge up-to-date 

This is your typical day

Who do you meet, what do you discuss?

Coffee, daily stand-up, let's go!
It's a sunny Wednesday morning, you grab a coffee and start planning your day. 9 o'clock: time for the daily stand-up meeting with the rest of the consultancy team. A fellow team member needs help to create an upper funnel-strategy with YouTube and GDN. He needs to connect the dots with the current campaigns and audiences, so you offer to sit together to brainstorm for more ideas.

Develop yourself by establishing clear goals
Next up: Monthly check in with Daphne - the Head of Consultancy. You will go through your learning plan, get feedback and set goals for the coming month. And ofcourse, give your Employee Happiness Score to see how you are doing.

After that you have a meeting with one of our biggest clients
Along with Wessel and Justyna, your fellow growth hackers, you present the results of the current Adwords and Facebook marketing campaigns and how this affects the long term strategy for both online and offline. Your client is impressed how the campaigns reinforce each other and that we are ahead of Q3 goals. He gives you a green light to increase the budget by 50%.

Free lunch with your co-workers
It’s 12:15, you receive a giphy from your colleague that your lunch is ready. Everyone needs fuel and so do you. Together with the whole team of RockBoost and DotControl, you enjoy some lunch at the table and share a joke or two.

Afternoon focus on client tasks
The rest of the day you're working on another client. It’s an e-commerce client that is going to launch a new website. Exciting! To make sure everything goes well, you walk through the last remaining issues with the designers and developers. You’re full of fresh ideas for this project after the Mega Mama Backlog session – a monthly meeting with the whole Growth Hacking Team which lets us share ideas and suggestions.

Phew, this day is going well. You also help your colleague out with her issue and suggest new ideas for her campaign. Of course, based on analyzed data. It's 16:00, you decide to optimise another clients’ social ads campaign, and then settle back to follow the Growth Marketing course on CXL Institute. Let’s achieve those learning goals!

Let us handle this for you

Is this you?

  • At least 5 years work experience as a (digital) campaign manager or online marketer.
  • You are fluent in English and Dutch.

  • Challenge others so we improve as a team.

  • You love and live to learn new things.

  • You don’t mind having a laugh or two.

  • You understand campaign performance measurement and know how to optimise different KPIs depending on the clients’ objectives.

  • You have the mindset of launch now, perfect later.

  • Maybe you also know a bit of project management in Jira

  • You know everything about revenue models, such as CPL, CPC, CPM and CPS.
  • You know the possibilities, contributions and commitment of the different channels.
  • You ensure a flawless campaign setup and management, both in terms of audiences, content and process.
  • You are highly analytical, able to generate meaningful insights from broad data sets and effective at presenting findings.
  • Your project management skills are excellent: managing and prioritizing multiple campaigns is a child's play.

Why you would want to work with us

  • You will work with the management to set up the company wide strategy for tackling campaigns

  • We ensure that your job is challenging and every day is different so you never get bored!
  • We’ll make sure your job is tailored to your specialities
  • We’ll give you the opportunity to work for the coolest brands
  • You’ll receive a competitive monthly salary so you can buy nice stuff
  • We provide 25 days of paid leave + an average of 6 public holidays
  • We’ll feed you and make sure you’re not thirsty - Daily free lunches with your co-workers, because we all need fuel
  • You’ll enjoy a weekly Friday drinks with your co-workers to celebrate a productive week and welcome the weekend!
  • When you need a break, a ping-pong and a foosball table are at your disposal!
  • You'll be working in a team with around 15 growth hackers, where you will be the go-to person for everything about all running campaigns. 

Sounds familiar?

Does this profile ring a bell? Are you convinced you are the Senior Campaign Manager that we’re looking for? Do you have a passion for everything data-driven & digital?

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