Senior CRO Specialist

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Senior Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

How you explain the job to your friends

“Using advanced analytics and user research, I discover where companies’ websites lose most money across their digital customer journey and implement strategies to fix their leaking holes.”

What you will actually be doing

  • 20% - Develop the ideal strategy for your clients
  • 40% - Implement the strategy
  • 30% - Analyse the effectiveness of your strategy, develop and test growth hacks to optimize the strategy
  • 10% - Training to keep your knowledge up-to-date

This is a typical day for you

who do you meet, what do you discuss

It's a sunny Thursday morning, you grab a coffee and start planning your day. 9 o'clock: time for the daily stand-up meeting with the rest of the consultancy team. A fellow team member needs help with ideas to optimise a clients’ website, so you offer to sit together to offer your expertise.

Next up: Monthly check in with Daphne - the Head of Consultancy. You have a nice chat, exchange feedback, establish goals for the coming month and give your Team Happiness Score. We want to make sure RockBoosters develop themselves in the areas they choose and keep them happy and comfortable.

Next up: meeting with a client. Along with Bart, your fellow growth hacker, you present your Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy. Your client is impressed and gives you a green light to implement all your plans.

It’s 12:15 you receive a giphy from your colleague that your lunch is ready. Everyone needs fuel and so do you. Together with the whole team you share a joke or two around the lunch table.

The rest of the day you're working on an Ecommerce client and your task for today is to begin the analysis of their customer journey. You’re full of fresh ideas for this project after the Mega Mama Backlog session – a monthly meeting with the whole Growth Hacking Team which lets us share ideas and suggestions around 5 challenges faced by various team members.

Phew, this day is going well. You also help your colleague out with her issue and suggest potential optimisations. It's 16:00, you decide to analyse the A/B test results from another client campaign, and then settle back to follow the Conversion-Driven Copywriting course on CXL Institute.

Let us handle this for you

Hey, is this you?

  • 5+ years of relevant work experience
  • You are fluent in English and Dutch
  • You love and live to learn new things
  • You are highly organised
  • You don’t mind having a laugh or two
  • You have the mindset of launch now, perfect later
  • You see failures as opportunities to learn
  • Challenge others so we improve as a team
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and executing Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies (preferably within an agency)
  • Deep knowledge of Web Analytics Analysis; Technical Analysis; User Research; Qualitative surveys; Heuristic Analysis; Mouse Tracking Analysis
  • Experience with A/B testing tools such as Visual Web Optimizer, Optimizely or Google Optimize Experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and/or jQuery
  • Reasonable knowledge of behavioural psychology and consumer behaviour
  • Expertise in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, and other analytical tools
  • You understand campaign performance measurement and know how to optimise different KPIs depending on the clients’ objectives

Maybe you also know a bit of the following

  • Familiar with other acquisition channels such as SEO, Facebook advertising and Google advertising platforms
  • Knowledge of design principles
  • Experience in consultancy

Why would you want to work with us?

  • You’ll be working in a very diverse and international team that will push you to the next level
  • We ensure that your job is challenging and tailored to your specialties, so every day is different so you never get bored!
  • We’ll give you the opportunity to work for the coolest brands
  • You’ll receive a competitive monthly salary so you can buy nice stuff
  • We provide 25 days of paid leave + an average of 6 public holidays
  • We’ll feed you and make sure you’re not thirsty - enjoy daily free lunches with your co-workers, because we all need fuel
  • You’ll enjoy a weekly Friday drinks with your co-workers to celebrate a productive week and welcome the weekend!
  • When you need a break, a ping-pong and a foosball table are at your disposal!

Sounds familiar?

Does this profile ring a bell? Are you convinced you are the Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist we’re looking for? Do you have a passion for everything data-driven & digital?

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