Senior Social Advertiser

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Senior Social Advertiser 

How you explain the job to your friends

“I am responsible for boosting the growth of clients in all industries through clever Social Media Advertising tactics.”

What you are really doing

  • 20% - Develop social media strategies for various clients and integrating your strategy with existing, in-use channels
  • 40% - Develop and implement campaigns, measurability and optimization for social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • 30% - Support the delivery team to reach the growth goals of the client
  • 10% - Training yourself, to keep your knowledge up-to-date

This is your typical work day

Who do you meet, what do you discuss

Coffee, daily stand-up, let's go!
It's a sunny Thursday morning, you grab a coffee and start planning your day. 9 o'clock: time for the daily stand-up meeting with the rest of the consultancy team. A fellow team member needs help with a Facebook Product Dynamic Retargeting issue, so you offer to take a look. The stand up gives everyone a chance to know what everyone is up to and ask each other for a helping hand.

Focus on client tasks
Next up: meeting with a client. Along with the other person on the project (There are always at least two growth hackers on a project) you sit down with a B2B client to discuss a new campaign. You are setting up a LinkedIn Campaign to help them reach new potential customers. Afterwards you sit with a designer to brief them on the project. Happy with the new campaign you next sit with a junior social advertiser to help them setup a strategy for a new ecommerce client.

Free lunch with your co-workers
12:15 you receive a giphy from your colleague that your lunch is ready. Everyone needs fuel and so do you.

Analyse the customer journey for social media channels
The rest of the day you're working on another client. They are getting a new website developed by DotControl and you are one of the growth hackers on the project. You are analysing the whole customer journey for the social media channels and are giving advice to the designers and developers on how best to setup the landing pages.

Follow the Advanced Analytics course on CXL Institute
Phew, this day is going well. You also help your colleague with their Facebook Product Dynamic Retargeting issue. It's 16:00, you decide to optimise another client's Facebook campaigns and then settle back to follow the Advanced Analytics course on CXL Institute.

Let us handle this for you

Hey, is this you?

  • 3+ years or more of relevant work experience
  • You're fluent in English
  • You love and live to learn new things
  • You think in terms of processes and structures
  • Ability to lead and coach more junior members of the team
  • You are highly organised
  • You don’t mind having a laugh or two
  • You have the mindset of launch now, perfect later
  • You see failures as opportunities to learn
  • Challenge others so we improve as a team
  • Data doesn’t scare you but neither does creativity
  • Deep knowledge of Social Media Advertising Campaigns (focus on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Know how to interpret collected data and translate this to a strong social media advertising strategy
  • Understanding and ability to analyse Customer Journeys
  • Experience in testing and implementing campaign optimisation
  • Strong copywriting skills for setting up killer ads
  • You have a high degree of computer/online literacy
  • You have knowledge in Google Analytics, Tag Manager (Event Tracking) and / or Search Console

Maybe you also know a bit of the following:

  • Display Advertising
  • Psychology & consumer behaviour
  • E-commerce experience (Marketing / Tracking)
  • Basic coding or design skills
  • Experience in consultancy

Why would you want to work with us?

  • A very diverse and international team that will push you to the next level
  • A job tailored to your expertise
  • Work together with the developers and designers of DotControl to create awesome websites and tests
  • Working for the coolest brands!
  • A monthly salary so you can buy nice stuff
  • 25 days of paid leave + an average of 6 public holidays
  • Daily free lunches with your co-workers - because we all need fuel
  • Enjoy weekly Friday drinks with your co-workers to celebrate a productive week and welcome the weekend!
  • Nice perks such as a ping pong table

Sounds familiar?

Does this profile ring a bell? Are you convinced that you are the growth hacker that we’re looking for? Do you have a passion for everything data driven & digital?

If that’s the case, contact us as soon as you can!

For more information or questions, please contact our recruiter Sam at   +31 10 714 46 46 or